Sunday, 18 December 2011

And you think you know somebody...

I don't write enough about my BFF. It's really a great story, but one for another day. Here's the Cliff's Notes. We only lived in the same town for one year (when we were in the 9th grade). She's one of those people who God set down in my life because she was meant to be "my person." Forever. We've had a long-distance friendship for more than twenty years, and we talk several times a week. She is one of the few people I do talk to regularly over the phone. She is not a computer person. In fact, only in the last year did she get her "own" e-mail address. So, my love of all things online weren't part of our relationship. She doesn't even know about the blog, because she's not on the computer enough to read it (she stays pretty busy with four kids)& I tell her everything I post & more.

Slowly, she has become more of an e-mailer and internet-er. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked e-mail this morning, to see that she'd "found" me on Facebook (I can't resist a social networking site!) and requested that I add her as a friend.

I went to her profile and found I was her first "friend" on Facebook. And observed the following:

Name: Southern Fried Mom's BFF
Status: Married
Political Views: Republican
Religious Views: Christian
Interested In: Women

Snort! God Bless her sweet, naive heart! I know that she was thinking that she wanted the world to know she wasn't intersted hooking up or finding a man...BUT. Anyway, I quickly called & her husband answered. I said, "I'm calling to save your wife from herself!"

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