Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Day Late...

and, well, you know the rest. And actually, if I begin with my overdue thoughts on Father's Day, then it's really two days late and more than a dollar short. Whatever.

Father's Day was quiet and mellow around the Southern Fried House of Fun this year. After dinner, we relaxed on the deck while the kids played in the back yard. I made a strawberry and blueberry shortcake that Pop and My Baby's Daddy were crazy for. Trying to stay on track with my Weight Watchers plan, I opted for a dessert with less points and enjoyed a glass or three of Bug Juice, my new favorite wine. Yes, it really is a real wine. Google it.

Anyway, back to the Day of Dad...The circumstances of the past couple of years have brought me to a place I never imagined I would be. Having my dad come to live with us has been a total blessing. It wasn't a situation any of us chose, but I've learned through this ordeal that blessings rarely come easy! In spite of the emotional breaking down & rebuilding of our family (which I've never really blogged about for a number of reasons)...I have been given a relationship with my dad that I never would have otherwise. And how cool is it that my boys will always remember him as a part of their daily lives. I'm so thankful that on this Father's Day I was with all the men I love. I'm glad that My Baby's Daddy has a caring and loving heart to accept my father unconditionally as his own. I've grown so much personally & spiritually, and am thankful to be taking this journey with my dad.

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