Sunday, 18 December 2011

Summer Fun with Fat Baby

I've been really making an effort to enjoy this summer with my boys. Last year was a blur, with one family crisis after another. Now things are moving along quite smoothly, and I'm much more able to consistently spend time with the boys. Our church has summer field trips for the children on Wednesdays, so we spent the day at Pump It Up today. (In case you aren't lucky enough to have a Pump It Up in your area...think big empty room full of inflatable jumpy things, obstacle courses, etc. with plenty of staff to supervise. Fabulous.) Since I am the coolest mom ever, I was all up in the bouncy house, and loved the rush of the giant slide. I think times like this are what make great memories for me & for them. I've been concentrating on just slowing down & living in the moment with them. (I'll go back & re-read this post when I'm online researching boarding schools for Fat Baby for K-4!)

While I'm making notes of my infinite blessings, I have to take a few minutes to also record some of my favorite summer Fat Baby moments. His personality is really emerging (the toddler version of Jim Belushi?) and he is always making me laugh...when he is not making me curse or drink.

While we were on the beach a couple of weeks ago, he walked up to a recently vacated beach chair in the middle of a girls' beach trip and proceeded to make himself the center of their universe. Since they were all moms, they completely understood. He was a hit--especially when he declared, "I like boobies!"

Also at the beach, he dipped his toe into the edge of the hot tub where I was sitting. He said, "Ouch! That's too hot!" And then he started blowing the hot tub to cool it off.

He has a very unique way of expressing himself...besides the fact that he has a big, booming voice. I am often asked, "Mom, who dat wittle guy is?" instead of "Who's that little guy?" He also says, "Can I will..." For example, "Can I will go outside?" or "Can I will have a cookie?" I love that one. The remote control is called the r-mote (pronounced are-moat), and he holds up the number three with his index finger, middle finger, and pinky. (Most people hold up index, middle, and ring finger). Oh, and a zebra---it's a BREEZA around here!

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