Sunday, 18 December 2011

Train Wreck

I think my fascination with Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been pretty well documented. I've seen pretty much every episode, and I constantly record it. I will re-watch an episode I've already seen. I've gotten some good ideas from the show...and like much of America, I've had those "oh, no she did--n't!" moments regarding Kate. I will be the first one to say far be it from me to judge someone with four times(!) more kids than me. That's like 5 more Fat Babies!!!! God help me, just thinking about it! So, sometimes I will give her a pass. I've done things with the second (challenging, strong willed) kid I would not have dreamed doing with the first one. Including losing my cool a lot more.

I can relate to Kate when she snaps at her babies' daddy....because sometimes you just have to do that with the daddy people. I'm glad that there aren't cameras rolling around here all the time. The difference is I understand the concept of respect and have learned to call My Baby's Daddy out in private...and not demean him in front of other people, holler at him across a public venue, and surely not in front of millions of television viewers across the country.

But still...I watch. And I will continue to watch. I am so hooked. I won't bore you with my opinions on each and every "character" on the show, but rest assured I have opinions about all of them. I love "reality" tv.

Here's my point (and I do have one). I stumbled across a new blog last night called "What Would Kate Gosselin Do?" Automatic must-read. And when I did, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning googling and reading other blogs on the subject. I'll let you explore the internet for your own entertainment. If you watch the show, I will say that it is worth your time to review the post regarding the alleged blog by Aunt Jodi's sister....and follow the link! Great reality tv gossip & controversy! Draw your own conclusions. And leave me a comment & let me know if you're a fan of the show, too!

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